This policy attempts to balance the rights of many parties, including those who have posted content to public lists and forums, those who own and administer the public lists and forums, and those who link to and reference the MarkMail® archives as an information source.

MarkMail does not take message removal lightly. If there is content you would like removed from MarkMail that fits one of the cases below, please fill out the form at bottom with the relevant details. We prefer requests from the archive owner and/or requests that come with evidence that the content has been removed from the originating source.

Case 1: Content in Violation of the MarkMail Content Policy

Any content in violation of the MarkMail Content Policy is subject to removal. This includes:

  • Spam or other advertising
  • Pornographic, violent, or hateful content
  • Personal, private or confidential information
  • Viruses or malware
  • Attempts to perpetrate fraud
  • Unlawful content
  • Infringing content

Case 2: Content Removed from Original Source

For all other content, MarkMail policy is to remove only on request from the administrator of the originating archive. We will also remove content that has been removed from the originating archive as well. To request removal of content that was removed from the original archive, use the form below and include the URLs as well as a pointer to the original archive that no longer serves the content.

Request form

Please use the form below to request content be removed.

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